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Bet types

  The valid bets issued by the Ticket Issuing Machines of the Nicosia Race Club installed at the Racetrack and at the premises of the authorized agents of the club are the following: Win, Place, Twin (quinella), Forecast (exacta), Double, Trio (trifecta), Tetracast (superfecta), Pick 4, Pick 6, Pick 8, Jackpot 9, Omni, Double Forecast, Paroli.


  Wagering and cashing of the winning tickets are governed by the following rules:

a. Win
b. Place
c. Twin (quinella)
d. Forecast (exacta)
e. Double
f.  Trio (trifecta)
g. Tetracast (superfecta)
h. Pick 4
i.  Pick 6
j.  Pick 8
k.  Jackpot 9
l. Omni
m.  Double Forecast
n. Paroli

General terms
Payment of bets
Cashing of winning tickets
Participation in wagering
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