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The bet is active in the first race of each race meeting with eight races and includes races 1 to 8
In order to win you have to predict the runner finishing first in each of the eight races of the bet
If one, two or three races are cancelled, all their runners will be considered as winners as far as PICK 8 is concerned
If four or more races are cancelled, the bet is cancelled and the money is refunded
If in any race one or more horses are scratched (including the case at which only one runner remains-WALKOVER) then this/these horses will be replaced as far as PICK 8 is concerned by the favourite horse of the WIN bet type for that race. In the event that two or more horses have the same WIN dividend then the horse with the smaller serial number in the official race card of the Club will be chosen
If two or more horses finish simultaneously (dead heat) each horse that finished first will be considered as a winner.
The guaranteed distributable amount to the winners will not be less than 20.000 Euro. In the case that there is a Jackpot 9 of a Pick 8 carryover from the previous race meeting, the minimum distributable amount for Pick 8 is set to that carryover plus 20.000 Euro
If there is no winning ticket in a race meeting, the net pool of Pick 8 is carried over to the next race meeting, either to Pick 8 (race meeting with 8 races) or Jackpot 9 (race meeting with 9 races). This procedure repeats until a winning ticket is found
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