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The Parlay bet is a combination of WIN, PLACE, TWIN and FORECAST bets. It is active for a minimum of two and a maximum of eight races that need not be consecutive. In order to win you have to predict the results of all or of a combination of the races included in the bet according to the bet type. If one or more of the selected horses are scratched or were not under the Starter's orders at the starting gate, as long as there remain selected horses in two or more races the bet is still valid.

Parlay wagering is the automatic re-betting of the winnings from one wager onto another. A parlay is not a separate mutuel pool.
If there is only one race left in the bet, as a result of scratches, or horses that were not under the Starter's orders at the starting gate, the dividend payable to the winner will be the corresponding dividend of WIN, PLACE, TWIN or FORECAST.
If all the runners included in the bet are scratched then the bet is cancelled and the money is refunded.
Parlay wagering can be made only with the PAROLI slip. Cashing is allowed only after the declaration of the official results of the last race included in the bet.
How to mark a PAROLI betting slip.
Each race for which a valid bet is marked is called a "leg" of the parlay.
Mark only ONE Bet Type from the available options
  [ACC] = Accumulator
The winnings of each leg are re-invested to the next leg. Only if all legs are proved winning the bet is a winner.
  [YAN] = Yankee
One ACC bet, and in addition all possible X2.X7 combinations
  [SY] = Super Yankee
One YAN and in addition all legs as straight individual bets.
  [MY] = Mini Yankee
One ACC and all legs as straight individual bets.
  [X2]..[X7] = Crossbet X2..X7
All combinations of legs.
Mark the amount. Minimum bet amount is 2 Euro. Two or more markings will result in the combined total.
For each leg:
  Mark the Bet Type.
  Mark your runner selection(s). (Some types of bet require 1st row only and some 1st and 2nd row selections).